US Government donates five vessels to the Maritime Police for search and rescue operations

Mindelo, Jul 23 (Inforpress) – The Maritime Police received five more boats for search and rescue operations in Mindelo from the US Government, vessels considered by the Minister of Internal Affairs a “significant reinforcement” of security means for maritime and coastal areas.

Paulo Rocha, who presided over the ceremony of handing over the keys at the dock of the Maritime and Port Agency (AMP), on the dockable pier, placed emphasis on the country’s need to invest in a greater capacity for search and rescue, since every year there are episodes which “force you to be focused on this matter”.

“The sea is one of the best resources we have, and we have to protect this resource and our waters from all that are illegal”, said the minister, who points out that Cabo Verde received from the United States in November last year, five other vessels, operating in the islands of Maio, Fogo and Boa Vista and in Tarrafal of Santiago.

The US Government now donated five additional boats through the African Command of the United States of America (AFRICOM – USA) project, valued at an additional 150 thousand dollars each one (about 14 million escudos).