Turtles nests transferred from Quebra Canela to São Francisco to ensure successful reproduction

Praia, Aug 28 (Inforpress) – The National Directorate for the Environment (DNA) today conducted the transfer of two turtle nests in Quebra Canela beach in the City of Praia to São Francisco, in order to guarantee the success in reproduction.

The nests, containing 95 and 76 eggs, respectively, were marked by people who spotted the turtles to spawn at dawn today, and the information was communicated to DNA by the Maritime Police.

According to the technician of DNA Zuleica Rodrigues, people pointed out a third place, but later found that the species did not even spawn, because at the moment when it prepared the site, precisely near to a heap of stones, was hit by a big rock that slid having the turtle frightened and returned to the sea without leaving the eggs.

The translocation of the nests, as explained by the technician, has to do with the need to preserve the eggs, since in addition to Quebra Canela is a very busy beach and the sea is high, the nests were running the risk of being submerged in the water.