Training and organization among the greatest challenges of the  Pharmacists’ Association – President

Praia, 03 Sep (Inforpress) – Training and organization is one of the biggest challenges for the Cabo Verdean  Pharmacists’ Association, which also wants more professionals in the public sector.

Maria de Luz Leite, when invited by Inforpress to talk about the situation of pharmacists in the country, as part of the preparation of the 13thWorld Congress of Portuguese Language Pharmacists, to be held in the City of Praia from October 3 to 5.

“The challenge of the Association, at this moment, is to continue training within the work place, in order to create the conditions for the pharmacist to perform his/her functions, this being aimed at his/her greater integration in the national health system, in multidisciplinary teams,” said.

That is because, she stressed, the class does not want to see pharmacists only work in private pharmacies, but also, in other sectors, since in private the career does not work.

According to Maria da Luz Leite, of the 96 pharmacists registered in the Association, 50 of them work in the private sector and the remaining in pharmacies, hospitals and the National Pharmaceutical Company (Emprofac).