“Time of justice has to approach the expectations of citizens” – President of the Republic

Praia, Jan 9 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic defended today, in the City of Praia, that the time of justice has to approach, “within what is legitimate and reasonable”, to the expectations of citizens.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who spoke to the press after receiving the New Year’s greetings from the Justice sector, explained that this time does not have to be exactly the same, considering that the criticism is made to justice is because it does not always come in the right time.

“It is a complete conviction that one of the criticisms of our justice system is because it does not always come in the right time, in order to give legitimate satisfaction to the interests of those who use the interests of justice”, he said.

However, Jorge Carlos Fonseca pointed out that, in the case of criminal justice, time may not be compatible with a “probable urgency”, especially in more complex cases involving detailed investigation and possibilities of realizing the rights of the defense.