TACV says closure of delegations was predictable and ensures workers’ rights are being safeguarded

Praia, Feb 26 (Inforpress) – TACV – Cabo Verde Airlines said today that the closure of delegations where it no longer has any type of operation “is normal and predictable” and guarantees that all workers were already informed about this possibility.

In a statement sent to Inforpress, the Cabo Verdean airline company reiterates that all workers’ rights are being safeguarded, indicating that a solution has already been submitted according to the labor law, duly accompanied by the unions.

“The process favored early retirement and mutual agreement and respect for the years of work and dedication given to the airline. This restructuring is a complex process, time-consuming, but necessary and involving the focus on the human factor with sensitivity and common sense, a task that TACV never neglected internally,” said the statement.

The TACV’s administration also said that where the services will be closed some workers, given their potential, were used to move to the Sal Island and others have potential and alternative mobility to Praia, if they accept the conditions that are offered .