Study recommends implementation of public policies to improve access to health for people with disabilities

Praia, Sep 21 (Inforpress) – A study to evaluate the gaps between the signing of Convention on the rights of people with disabilities and its implementation recommended the implementation of policies to improve access to health services for people with disabilities.

The study, which was presented today in Praia City, was carried out by Handcap International in collaboration with the West African Federation of People with Disabilities in the framework of the implementation of the regional HIV-Disability project funded by the Global Fund.

According to Caboe Verdean Handicap Advocacy Officer Adelsia Almeida, the document indicates that Cabo Verde has “advanced a lot” in implementing the Convention, ratified in 2011, but stressed that there are still “several challenges” to overcome in order to give “a more dignified life” for people with disabilities.

“The country has taken considerable steps, especially in education, but it still presents some challenges, even in education, in terms of accessibility and health, some policies that have already been elaborated still remain to be materialized, but in practice they are still lacking effective implementation,” she explained.

According to Adelsia Almeida, the document leaves a series of recommendations, namely the implementation of health policies in order to create better conditions to guarantee effective access to health services and to work to eliminate physical barriers and respond to issue of accessibility.