Students of the 8th grade will not pay tuition fees from next school year 2018/2019 – minister

Praia, Aug 20 (Inforpress) – The 8th grade will no longer pay tuition fees starting from the next school year 2018/19, scheduled to begin in September, said Minister of Education, Family and Social Inclusion, Maritza Rosabal.

Since last year, students in the 7th grade stopped paying the tuition fees, and this year, it is time for those who attend the 8th grade.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of the meeting of the Ministry Council, which is taking place in Praia, the minister said that the Government’s objective is to carry out this process in a gradual manner, with the intention to guarantee the general exemption in the high school.

“Education should always be inclusive, and in this way we must ensure that our students have better conditions and also ensure family members are in better situation. In this sense, in this school year the students of the 8th grade will  stop paying tuition fees”, said Maritza Rosabal.

The main objective of this measure, she emphasized, is to combat, above all, dropping out of school, which, as she indicated, is more significant in secondary education.