Sport: City Hall of Boa Vista grants to associations and clubs worth one million and forty thousand escudos

Praia, Jan 15 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Boa Vista (CMBV) made this Saturday, 12, the deliver grants worth one million and forty thousand escudos to the associations and sports clubs in the island, within the scope the dynamism of sport.

According to a press release from the municipality, the deliver of grants to associations and sports clubs refers to the 2017/2018 sports season.

To the North teams Juventude and Sanjoanense were awarded with the amount of 11o thousand escudos each, the teams Bofareira, Clube Onze Estrelas, Estância de Baixo and Clube Desportivo were awarded with 100.000 escudos each, while the Sport Club África Show, from Rabil, received 90.000 escudos.

As for the teams from the City of Sal-Rei, the Académica Operaria da Boa Vista, Sporting Clube da Boa Vista and Sport Sal-Rei Clube, the CMBV granted each one the sum of 80.000 escudos.

The other sporting associations of Boa Vista (Handball, Athletics, Abadá Capoeira, Waves and Wind) received 45 thousand escudos each.