SOFA: Government says Cabo Verde has not given in to all the demands of North Americans

Praia, Jul 12 (Inforpress) – In a statement on the US-signed military agreement known as SOFA, the Government clarified that Cabo Verde has not given in to all the demands of the Americans, thus denying the “skewed” ideia that some national media try to get through.

Referring specifically to the similar agreement with Senegal, which according to some national media, American soldiers will be subject to Senegalese criminal jurisdiction, the executive of Ulisses Correia e Silva states that “such an assertion does not correspond to reality”.

“In all SOFA, including that of Senegal, there is a standard corresponding to art. 1 of the SOFA of Cabo Verde, in which the States waive State-to-State claims on each other for losses and damages of property and public property of each and regarding the injuries or death of public, military or civil servants of each one, in mission”, the statement said, adding that the Government intends to clarify the contours of the military agreement signed with the United States of America.

With respect to article 3 of the SOFA, which has raised some controversy, the communiqué states that, in the event of a crime committed by an American soldier in Cabo Verdean soil, the US courts “guarantee, with their effectiveness, efficiency and independence, a just judgment and sanction”.