São Vicente: Movement for the Safeguarding of Heritage calls for the reconversion of an ongoing project in the town square

Mindelo, Jul 9 (Inforpress) – The Movement for the Safeguarding of the Historical Heritage and for the Development of São Vicente requested today the “reconversion” of the project of an ongoing shopping center, in Dra. Maria Francisca Square, in a parking lot.

The movement’s spokesman, Maurino Delgado, told in a press conference in Mindelo that, in addition to the “destruction or de-characterization” of “another” historical heritage, instead of a commercial center, in that area would be the construction of a parking lot for cars, since the only space that still exists and can serve for this purpose is precisely the one where the commercial center is to be built.

In addition, the “destruction of the square”, according to the same source, is an “affront” to a “striking” figure in Cabo Verde’s history, Maria Francisca Sousa, the “first Cabo Verdean medical woman.”

“We defend the historical heritage because of cultural tourism that brings a lot of employment”, said the same source, who took the opportunity to present what he called of “urban chaos” and “destruction of historical heritage”, and named the former English Consulate, which will give way to a hotel, and the construction of housing in the rainwater channel in Chã de Alecrim.