São Vicente: Mindelo Cultural Center brings Tibau Tavares to “Great concerts”

Mindelo, Aug 13 (Inforpress) – On August 24th, the Mindelo Cultural Center of Mindelo (CCM) presents the artist Tibau Tavares, borned in Maio, in a show included in the “Grandes concertos” Project, that according to the artistic director of the center, intends to reveal little known Cabo Verdean artists.

Tibau Tavares, as Antonio Tavares said to Inforpress, inaugurates the program “Grandes Concertos”, to be held in the “Luís Morais” Auditorium, which consists always of bringing a “scope, practically unknown or little known from Cabo Verdean artists.”

“In the case of Tibau Tavares he is an artist known in the international scene, but here he is better known as composer and musician”, explained António Tavares, for whom bringing this Tibau Tavares means “bringing the island of Maio” to São Vicente.

“Pupkulies & Rebeca Play Tibau”, the most recent album released in 2017, is a collaboration between the German band Pupkulies & Rebeca, since 2013, and has already produced two albums, “Pupkulies & Rebeca Play Tibau” and recently in 2017 “7 Músicas”.