São Vicente: “Government has a policy very focused on the family as a unit of analysis and intervention” – Minister

Mindelo, Sep 4 (Inforpress) – Minister Maritza Rosabal said today in Mindelo that the Government has a policy that is “very family-centered” as the “unit of analysis and intervention” and with “important programs” to ensure that rights of children are not violated.

The head of the Ministry Education, Family and Social Inclusion, spoke this morning in São Vicente, presiding over the opening of a day of reflection on street children in the Porto Grande Island.

In this path, the ruler appointed the Social Inclusion Income Program, which, in 2019, will have a “broader” phase, urban renewal of cities, as a “very important action for social inclusion” and in the modification of the meaning of a family is feeling part of something that is “much bigger”, and the National Care Plan, a “new pillar” in which the state assumes that it has responsibility in this area.

For the minister, if the right of a child is not guaranteed, such situation must concern any public institution, which, in this case, is “condoning with the violation” of those rights.

“The objective of the reflection is to create an intervention strategy and solve this problem reiterated the minister, who stressed the importance of investing in the present, in the area of ​​care, to ensure the future.