São Vicente: Farmers “satisfied” with definitive title deed but they say that “many were not benefited”

Mindelo, Aug 17 (Inforpress) – The Tchon d’Holanda Farmers Association reacted today with a mix of “satisfaction and sadness” to the Government’s decree that ceded the definitive and free title deed of 37 plots of land in that agricultural perimeter.

Speaking to Inforpress, the association’s president, Mário Simão, said it was with “satisfaction” that he received the “long awaited” news of the definitive title deed.

However, the feeling is “also sad,” he said, since of the total of 96 farmers holding the provisional title, since the previous Government, “only 37” were benefited.

“This situation can create an instability here in the perimeter because it can lead to the feeling of injustice towards those who were not benefited in the ordinance”, said the same source, since everyone, he considered, perform the same work, which started at the same time.

“We are waiting for other information, we hope that these 37 title deed are the first novelty and soon the rest could be benefited”, added Mário Simão.