São Vicente Carnival groups contact the manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments in Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov 30 (Inforpress) – The organizers of the five carnival groups on the island of São Vicente, which are in Rio de Janeiro, today opened a “communication channel” with a Brazilian manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments.

According to Dudu Nobre, who provided the meeting with “largest” manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments in Brazil company, the “most serious” and “highest quality”, so as he said the plataform stablished can in the future help solve problems that the Mindelo Carnival is facing in this matter.

To Inforpress, the spokesperson for the groups, António Duarte (Patcha) explained that the meeting went “very well”, because there is a “guarantee of quality” of the instruments that could possibly be provided.

“At this moment, all groups made a first contact and left a list of all the materials they need, the company was in charge to send the budget between Thursday and Friday, so we can decide and see the possibility of still carrying some material with us” , said the same source.