São Vicente: Brazilian Admiral says Cabo Verde has a “great” potential to be a “big center” in the Atlantic

Mindelo, Aug 20 (Inforpress) – Brazilian Navy Admiral Eduardo Leal Ferreira said today in Mindelo that Cabo Verde has a “very large” potential to become a “major center” for operations and control in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Brazilian military, who was speaking to the press, on the fringes of a lecture he delivered this morning in São Vicente, on the “The geopolitical importance of the Atlantic Ocean”, invited by the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) highlighted the position of the archipelago in the ocean.

“It is the great center of everything important that happens in the South Atlantic, which somehow passes in front of Cabo Verde, all maritime traffic, that is, the connection between the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic, passes through Cabo Verde”, said the same source.

During the lecture, Admiral Leal Ferreira, 31 times decorated in his country and who visited Cabo Verde for the first time in 1981, also spoke about the threats and potential of the South Atlantic, not forgetting the cooperation between Brazil and Cabo Verde in this matter.