São Nicolau / Carnival: Carnival groups demand more attention and more resources to the São Nicolau Carnival

Praia, Feb 4 (Inforpress) – The official groups from São Nicolau ask for the Government stop making “discrimination” between the Carnival of Ribeira Brava and that of São Vicente and, in this sense, demand more attention and more resources.

In an interview today with Inforpress, the two official groups from Ribeira Brava that are going to parade this year, are unanimous in affirming that for the project they have been presenting each year, “there is not a big difference” between the Carnival from the island of Chiquinho “and that of São Vicente.

The president of the Estrela Azul Group, Abílio Brito, said last year the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente, who attended the parades in São Nicolau, confirmed that between the São Nicolau and São Vicente Carnival “there is no difference in terms of work done”.

However, in spite of this confirmation, Abílio Brito contests that in terms of financial amounts made available to the groups from the island of “Monte Cara” (São Vicente) continue to be better than the groups of Ribeira Brava.