Santo Antão: Yam production reaches 800 tons but producers say discouraged with market difficulties

Porto Novo, Sep 5 (Inforpress) – Yam production at Tarrafal in Monte Trigo, Santo Antão, reached 800 tons this year, but the market problem continues to worry producers who, for various reasons, can only put the product on the local market.

Because of the ban imposed in 1984 on the agricultural products from Santo Antão, due to the millipede plague, combined with the problem of shipping to the tourist markets of Sal and Boa Vista, the yarn produced in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo is marketed only in Santo Antão.

Producers are forced to sell the yam at a low price (between 100 escudos to 150 escudos / kilo), while in emerging tourist markets or even in Santiago the price can reach 900 escudos / kilogram.

The fact that other agricultural products from Santo Antão can not be exported to the other islands has been worrying the farmers and the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment on this island.