Santo Antão: UNTC-CS leader predicts 2019 “very difficult” for Cabo Verdean workers

Porto Novo, Sep 07 (Inforpress) – The general secretary of the National Union of Workers of Cabo Verde – Central Union (UNTC-CS) predicts 2019 “very difficult” for Cabo Verdean workers, “without salary increase and, therefore, without replacement of purchasing power.

Joaquina Almeida, at the end of a two-day visit to Santo Antão, said this Thursday in Porto Novo that “unfortunately the labour world in Cabo Verde is not in good health”, thus requiring “an action by the Government, which is the replacement of purchasing power” within the working class.

“At the last meeting of the Social Coordination Council (CCS), in which we examined the guidelines of the State Budget for 2019, the Government, with the support of the employers and the other union, did not embrace the workers’ cause, which is the replenishment of purchasing power never lower than 05%,” explained the trade unionist, remembering that “all the essential goods have risen in price every day” in Cabo Verde.

Joaquina Almeida said that the school year is about to begin and families are struggling to acquire school supplies for their students, because the current government has pledged to raise wages to 1% each year and none of this coming to pass.