Santo Antão: “Tuta absoluta” (Meyrick) puts at risk the status of Ribeira Fria as the largest producer of tomatoes on the island


Porto Novo, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – The “Tuta absoluta” butterfly is endangering the tomato crop in Ribeira Fria, in the countryside of Porto Novo, a locality that still maintains the “status” of the largest tomato producer in island of Santo Antão.

However, farmers are “afflicted” with the presence of this pest in Ribeira Fria, a locality that may, in their view, lose the “status” of the largest tomato producer in Santo Antão, if no “efficient way” was found to combat the pest, which is also attacking the neighboring area of ​​the Ribeira dos Bodes.

Ribeira Fria is a tomato par excellence producer in Santo Antão (only Ribeirão, in Ribeira Grande, can compete with Ribeira Fria), a crop that has been “seriously” affected by this pest, according to local farmers, who say they fear planting in that locality.

Still, there has been “good tomatoes production” in Ribeira Fria, but according to farmer Adilson Silva, the action of “tuta absoluta” has discouraged peasants, who are still hopeful that the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment ) get, “one day”, to combat this plague.