Santo Antão: The forthcoming tourism season is marked by the diversification of the offer

Porto Novo, Aug 29 (Inforpress) – Tour operators in Santo Antão are already preparing the upcoming tourist season, which should be marked by the diversification of the offer, thanks to the investments that are being made in the field of tourism.

The tourism high season in Santo Antão takes place between October and May, when thousands of tourists, mainly from northern Europe, come to the island for trekking (trekking in search of contact with nature).

In addition to the trekking, so far, the main tourist product of Santo Antão, said the operators, who have been trained in the Raízes (Local Networks for Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism in Santo Antão) project, are also beginning to bet on promotion of canyoning and diving, thus diversifying the offer.

In addition to Raízes, which mainly aims at enhancing the natural heritage and training of operators, the island of Santo Antão also benefits from the Rotas das Aldeias Rurais project, which includes 36 operators, who are currently engaged in the creation and expansion of their tourist developments.

In the East Plateau in Porto Novo, one of the places visited by tourists, who arrive in Santo Antão between October and May, the beneficiaries of the Rural Villages Route project are betting on the improvement of reception conditions, as well as in other locations, such as Tarrafal of Monte Trigo, Ribeira da Cruz and Ribeira Fria.