Santo Antão: SNPC “worried” about cleaning and burning control in the East Plateau forest

Porto Novo, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – The National Civil Protection Service (SNPC) has already expressed interest in “collaborating” with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) services in Santo Antão to protect the  East Plateau forest, devastated by frequent fires since 1994.

With two thousand hectares in extension, an area equivalent to two thousand football fields, the forest perimeter in East Plateau, considered the “lung” of Santo Antão was, in June, the target of two fires that destroyed five hectares of the forest, a fact that worries the SNPC, which expressed its intention to cooperate with the MAA in the cleaning and control of forest fires.

The SNPC president, Renaldo Rodrigues, admits that the fires “have not been made as they should” in this forest, a fact that disturbs the SNPC that intends to assist the MAA in this aspect, besides the cleaning of this area to prevent fires.

According to this official, there are institutions with a direct responsibility for the protection of this reserve, but SNPC is interested in cooperating in the safeguarding of this area, which already has a civil protection unit, equipped with vehicles and other fire-fighting equipment available from Government.