Santo Antão: School and society together in the fight against alcoholism in Paul

Ribeira Grande, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – Alcoholism is considered one of the greatest ills that affect the Paul society, that’s why abusive use of alcoholic beverages has been receiving attention and fighting by Education and other authorities in the county.

With an important impact on the degradation of the population health, alcoholism is of concern to those responsible for the education sector who have been carrying out actions to raise awareness among the populations of different localities in order to prevent the use and to safeguard the abuse in alcohol consumption.

The “Escola Viva” project is an initiative of the Januário Leite High School, which has been implemented since the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, under the baton of teacher Helga Fonseca, in order to “to raise awareness and, in an ‘almost utopian’ , inhibit the consumption of beverages by persons under age.

“I think that in the long term it is possible to achieve this goal, which is already provided for in the law” and only need to to raise awareness among people to comply with this legal provision, said Helga Fonseca, and more than that, says the teacher, the project “Escola Activa” intends to work towards “making each adolescent the actor of his own transformation and of the society in which he is included”.