Santo Antão: Ribeira das Patas health center integrates health investment package of three billion escudos – MA

Porto Novo, Apr 3 (Inforpress) – The construction of the Ribeira das Patas health center, Porto Novo, Santo Antão, is part of a package of investments in the health sector in Cabo Verde, estimated at three billion escudos, which will be implemented still this mandate.

The Ministry of Health’s Director General of Budget and Planning, Serafina Alves, explained that this ministry is committed to building the Ribeira das Patas health center, because of the importance that this infrastructure will have for that village with about three thousand people.

Serafina Alves, who accompanies the Minister of Health on a visit to Santo Antão, said to Inforpress that of this package, which is being negotiated with the Saudi Fund, also includes, among other infrastructures, a regional hospital and two more health centers in the City of Praia, as well as another one in Monte Sossego (São Vicente).

These are investments in which the implementation is expected to take place in principle under the government’s mandate, said Serafina Alves, adding that the executive is awaiting the arrival of a mission from the Saudi Fund to continue negotiations.