Santo Antão receives three tourist interpretation centers to portray heritage and cultural identity of the island

Porto Novo, Aug 10 – Santo Antão receives, by the end of this year, three tourist interpretation centers, spaces destined to portray the cultural identity and the natural heritage of this island, whose creation is financed within the framework of the Tourism Sustainability Fund.

The first center, which is to be built in Porto Novo, in a project estimated at almost three million escudos, should start operating as early as September, according to the City Hall, which explains that the infrastructure will have as purpose the dissemination of the tourism offer and provide the growth of all economic activity linked to tourism.

In the total, Santo Antão will have, in 2018, three touristic interpretation centers, in which all the natural heritage of this island will be portrayed, which is already being recognized and will later be illustrated by the Portuguese illustrator Rita Cortez, who is visiting this island.

Rita Cortez, winner of the sixth edition of the International Award for Scientific Illustration, is in Santo Antão working with a team from the Raízes (Local Networks for Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism) project of this island in recognition of the local natural heritage.