Santo Antão: Producers want to take advantage of traditional cheese at the International Taste Fair to internationalize the product

Porto Novo, Aug 7 (Inforpress) – The producers have in preparation another presence, the fourth consecutive, of the cheese that is made artisanal in the East Plateau in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, at the International Taste Fair which should be conducted in September in Italy.

This cheese, awarded in the 2017 edition with the Slow Cheese Award medal, will mark a new presence at the International Taste Fair, through the mountain cheese producers cooperative in Porto Novo, which believes that the presence, once again, of the traditional East Plateau cheese in this event will be an opportunity for the affirmation of this product at an international level.

Irineu da Luz, representative of this cooperative, confirmed to Inforpress the presence of East Plateau cheese in the 2018 edition in the International Taste Fair, saying that “everything is being done” so that the product remains among the “best in the world”.

The cheese made from raw goat’s milk in the East Plateau, received, in 2007, the Taste World Heritage and, in 2017, at the edition of the International Taste Fair in Brá, Italy, received the Slow Cheese Award medal.