Santo Antão: Recovery of the forest reserve in East Plateau exceeds 30 million escudos -MAA

Porto Novo, Aug 1 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) will need more than 30 million escudos to recover, until 2023, the forest reserve in East Plateau, in Santo Antão, in accordance with the recovery plan of the forest perimeter.
The in East Plateau Forest, declared a forest reserve in 1990, was “seriously” affected by the massive fire which consumed 13 percent of the perimeter (200 hectares) and its recovery will take at least five years, according to the Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Gilberto Silva.
The recovery plan, announced Tuesday by MAA, has as its main measures the review of the forestry law in Cabo Verde, dated 1928 and revised in 1989, and the setting up of a surveillance system in that perimeter which since 1994 has been frequent fire.
The 1.600-hectare forest restoration plan, mainly covered by pine trees from Serra de Estrela (Portugal) and Canada, consists of four actions: cutting and cleaning, replanting and conservation of soils and water, the production of plants and the information and awareness.