Santo Antão: Prime Minister announces investments around of 60 million escudos in the East Plateau in the next five years

Porto Novo, Aug 1 (Inforpress) – The Prime minister announced Tuesday in Santo Antão, investments around 60 million escudos in order to restore, in the short and medium term, normality in the East Plateau, whose forest was devastated by fire on about 200 hectares on Friday, 27.
Ulisses Correia e Silva, who visited the East Plateau forestry perimeter this Tuesday, said that the Government will have to mobilize, in the coming years, the 60 million escudos for the recovery of the forest, reinforcement of civil protection, water and restoration of agricultural areas.
However, he added that the Executive will immediately have to mobilize 50 per cent (%) of this funding to restore normality in the East Plateau, whose forest perimeter should take at least five years to recover from an environmental point of view.
The Prime Minister said he had confirmed “the evident damage” recorded in the East Plateau forest (200 hectares of the forest area were consumed by the fire) and rejoiced at the arrest of the supposed responsible offender of fire since he originated the fire, congratulating the “rapid and assertive authorities intervention” in investigations.
“Cases like this should be punished in an exemplary manner so that no school of impunity can be carried out”, stated the head of the government, who said he was convinced by what he saw on the spot that there was a good fight against the flames.