Santo Antão: Poser will launche “in the next few days” a project to reinforce the yam production in the Tarrafal of Monte Trigo.

Porto Novo, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – The rogram for the Promotion of Rural Socioeconomic Opportunity (POSER), by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA), will launch “in the next few days” the project to reinforce production of the yam in the Tarrafal of Monte Trigo, Santo Antão.

Poser’s technical unit in Santo Antão is at this time finalizing the project financed by six million escudos, within the scope of investments foreseen for Santo Antão during 2018, whose implementation will bring “new perspectives” to yam cultivation (scientific name colocasia esculenta), in the Tarrafal of Monte Trigo.

According to the MAA delegate in Porto Novo, Joel Barros, this is another project aimed at increasing yam cultivation in Tarrafal of Monte Trigo, where there are already more than a hundred producers.

The yam crop in Tarrafal of Monte Trigo has been booming in recent years, with production around 700 tonnes per year, a and farmers expected to increase harvest by 2018 thanks to investiments foreseen.