Santo Antão: Porto Novo receives mango fair and dishes seasoned with this fruit

Porto Novo, Aug 24 (Inforpress) – The locality of Catano, in Ribeira das Patas, in Porto Novo, receives this Saturday a mango fair, a fair that aims to promote the product and dishes seasoned with this fruit, produced in large quantities in this county of Santo Antão.

The initiative came from the agricultural producer Anacleto Morais, who explained that this is a pilot experience that can be held every year, by this time, where happens the harvest of the mango in Catano and other locations of Porto Novo.

Anacleto Morais explained to Inforpress that the event was based on an idea launched under the Rural Villages Route, which aims to promote the agricultural and livestock projects produced in the localities covered by this project, which includes 12 tour operators in Porto Novo.

He also explained that this is not an exhibition of mangoes, but rather an opportunity for visitors to get to know and taste the different dishes seasoned with this fruit, abundantly produced in the different agricultural areas of Porto Novo.