Santo Antão: Passagem tourist resort drives tourism in Paul after reopening in July

Porto Novo, Aug 16 (Inforpress) – Tourism has been gaining a “new impetus” recently in the municipality of Paul, in Santo Antão, with reopening in July of the Passagem tourist resort, after receiving works from rehabilitation.

Since its inauguration, the passage tourist resort, known as “postcard” of Santo Antão, has been much visited, thus boosting the tourist activity in Paul, according to some local operators.

The City Hall of Paul also admits that this space, now with a new face, after the restoration of the restaurant, swimming pools, green area and sanitary and sports facilities, is giving Paul a new boost, contributing to “a true tourist promotion” in the entire island of Santo Antão.

In a second phase, local officials intend to provide the resort with housing conditions, with the construction of ten bungalows.

Another project that will certainly bring a “big impact” to tourism in Paul is, according to the City Hall, with the rehabilitation of the seafront still during this year, work already financed by the Government, around 120 million escudos.