Santo Antão: Medical students at the University of Lisbon volunteer in Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande, Sep 3 (Inforpress) – A group of  Medical students at the University of Lisbon is in Santo Antão to carry out an international volunteer mission within the activities framework of the “Move-Te Mais Association”.

This group of students will be in Ribeira Grande from September 3 to 15 and, during its stay, will collaborate with the Health Department of Ribeira Grande in the implementation of interventions in the health area, namely, in place with difficult access.

The idea is to promote primary health care among populations that have difficult access to health care, in order to meet some needs, namely in the detection of high blood pressure and diabetes among the elderly.

This is the second visit made by “Move-Te Mais” Association to Santo Antão after having visited the municipalities of Ribeira Grande and Paul in 2017, within the scope of an existing agreement between Ribeira Grande Municipality and the University of Lisbon.