Santo Antão: Juventude em Marcha starts filming Canjana in less than three weeks

Porto Novo, Aug 16 (Inforpress) – Juventude em Marcha begins today the production of Canjana, which will be in charge of the audio-visual productions Giovani Silva (Portugal), who have 20 days to make the filming of this theatrical group from Santo Antão.

The play Canjana addresses the famine that plagued Cabo Verde in the 1940s and the famous shipwreck in November 1947 in Ponta de Canjana, on the coast of Porto Novo, of the American ship John Schmeltzer, loaded with corn, which it eventually saved part of the population in Santo Antão.

“This project concerns the unique and exclusive scientific research done on the hunger and stranding of John Schmeltzer in the area of ​​Praia Formosa and which marks the affirmation of Cabo Verde”, Jorge Martins, leader of the group, told to Inforpress, adding that the telefilm will enrich the archipelago’s historical archive.

Jorge Martins regrets the lack of partners in the filming of this work, the sixth by the Juventude em Marcha theatrical group, informing that only the City Hall of Porto Novo “has already positioned itself as a partner because of the promise that had already been made” to this theatrical company.