Santo Antão: Juventude em Marcha in Luxembourg for the last stage of the tour to Europe

Porto Novo, Jul 23 (Inforpress) – The Santo Antão’s Theater group “Juventude em Marcha” is already in Luxembourg, where it has scheduled a show for this Saturday, 28, which ends a tour of almost a month to Europe.

Jorge Martins, leader of the group, who was in France this weekend, more precisely in Paris, said the emigrants in Luxembourg are waiting “anxiously for this moment”, which will also mark the 34-year career of this group company founded in 1984.

In Paris, the Ville Amora room was small to receive the people who wanted to watch the show, according to Jorge Martins.

In this tour, started in Portugal, at the beginning of July, Juventude em Marcha has been performing the new version of the play Canjana, which will be adapted to the cinema, through a short film that begins to be shot “briefly”, according to Jorge Martins.