Santo Antão: High season of tourism starts – expectations point to “thousands of tourists”

Porto Novo, Oct 2 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão receives in the next eight months, a period of high season of tourism in the island, “thousands of tourists” coming mainly from Northern Europe, who seek the island for hiking on trails looking for from nature.

The tourism operators expectation is to maintain the growth trend of tourism in this island, which in 2017 received more than 26 thousand tourists, registered a growth of 23.8% compared to 2016.

Tourist agents’ expectation of the tourist season in Santo Antão, which started in October, has been increasing steadily, according to the agent Sandra Pereira, who also said she has the perception that this activity has increased from year to year on the island, which, you see, “has everything to go right” in termes of tourism.

Santo Antão, in order to boost its tourism, needs its airport, but above all it needs a plan that gives attention to the qualification of human resources, through professional training, according to this operator, who through her agency – Atlantur, introduce Santo Antão in several national and international events.