Santo Antão / East Plateau: Association in Lagoa with four million escudos to develop environmental projects

Porto Novo, Jan 9 (Inforpress) – Four million escudos is the amount that the Government, through the Environment Fund, has already made available to the community association of Lagoa in East Plateau, Santo Antão, to develop environmental projects in that locality, hit by extreme drought

The amount, according to the association’s leader, Manuel Pinto, is being invested in projects such as soil and water conservation, forest maintenance, construction of cistern and several training, actions to reduce unemployment in this locality, with 45 work stations.

The interventions that take place during this year happen at a time when Lagoa of East Plateau, with 700 inhabitants, undergo an “alarming” drought situation, according to this person in charge, who urged the Government to reinforce the coverage to this locality, with the support to the livestock farmers in the rescue of their herd.

The City Hall of Porto Novo admits that for the second year in a row, this municipality is putting at least 500 families in a situation of vulnerability, especially in the highlands, such as the Lagoa of East Plateau and North Plateau.