Santo Antão/Civil protection: Concern with Tarrafal and Monte Trigo is substantial – Minister

Porto Novo, Jul 17 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the National Civil Protection Service (SNPC), is available to “study” with the City Hall of Porto Novo a security plan for Tarrafal Monte Trigo, in the countryside of this municipality.

These are two fishing communities which, between January and March, are exposed to the “very severe action” of the brave sea, which invades the dwellings and puts at risk the populations who have been clamoring for the protection of the dwellings, with the construction of protective walls in the respective bays.

The minister of Internal Affairs, Paulo Rocha, visited Porto Novo this Monday, said that the “concern” with Tarrafal and Monte Trigo “is big”, that’s why he will “study a solution” with the City Hall of Porto Novo and the Ministry of Infrastructures in order to protect these localities.

“The effect of climate change has been a concern and we are going to analyze the situation for greater security of the populations”, said the minister, who was responding to the City Hall Porto Novo challenge in order to support the local government in adopting “an intervention plan” in these two villages.