Santo Antão: Canjana has conditions to became historic-cultural heritage of the island – travelers

Porto Novo, Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Canjana, on the coast of Porto Novo, where the American ship John Schmeltzer has been stranded for nearly 71 years, is eligible to be recognized as a historic-cultural heritage of Santo Antão, an idea advocated by travelers who visit this site.

About a year ago, the municipalities of Santo Antão promised to “work” with the Government for the recognition, as Santo Antão’s heritage, of the locality of Canjana, in the vicinity of Praia Formosa, known for the ship’s landing in November 1947 of merchant marine John Schmeltzer.

No initiative has yet been sketched for preserving this increasingly visited site, despite the difficulties of access, that’s why the travelers once again defend the classification of Canjana and its history as historic-cultural heritage of Santo Antão.

This status would contribute, in the opinion of some visitors, to the preservation of the ruins of the houses and the remains of the stranded ship which will fade over time.