Santo Antão: Airport and port extension may be involved by private sector – Government

Porto Novo, Aug 28 (Inforpress) – The construction of the Santo Antão airport, whose studies took place two years ago, and the expansion of the port of Porto Novo are two projects that should be carried out by the private sector, as the Government has already acknowledged.

During the recent visits to Santo Antão, the Deputy Prime Minister Olavo Correia admitted that the executive could involve the private sector in a public-private partnership, to make feasible the construction of Santo Antão airport, already starting in 2020.

The technical studies of Santo Antão airport, which have been taking place since 2016, are being finalized, starting in 2019, the economic and financial study of the project will be set up, whose financing model will have to be “compatible with the country macro economy context”, according to the deputy prime minister.

With the involvement of the private sector in the construction of Santo Antão airport, the executive intends to avoid that this investment which should be around 18 million and 20 million euros, can indebt the country even more.

Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva shares Olavo Correia position, stating that “the future model” adopted by the Government in the implementation of airport and port infrastructures in the country will necessarily pass through public-private partnership.