Santiago: Municipality of Santa Catarina will receive more than 180 million escudos from the Environment Fund

Assomada, Oct 30 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Santa Catarina in the countryside of the Santiago Island, will benefit over the next four years from over 180 million escudos from the Environment Fund for investment projects in the field of environmental protection.

The program contract was signed this week between the City Hall of Santa and the ministries of Finance and Agriculture and Environment.

According to information from the municipality, of this amount 10 million escudos are earmarked for education, information and environmental communication, and more than 70 million escudos are aimed at the integrated management of solid and urban waste, ie the purchase of trucks, a “dumper “, a backhoe loader and urban cleaning trolleys and containers.

The remaining 100 million escudos are intended for the urban and environmental rehabilitation in Ribeira da Barca and Rincão, degraded by the sand extraction.