Santa Catarina: French director finishes first stage of the film that is inspired by Ribeira da Barca

Assomada, Aug 24 (Inforpress) – French director Marie Vieillevie finished Wednesday the first stage of preparation for her new animated film, which has a backdrop inspired by the fishing village of Ribeira da Barca, in the municipality of Santa Catarina (Santiago Island).

The director, who had been there since the last 8th, to closely monitor the experience of fishermen to create “true ideas” to frame her new animated film, made a positive assessment of her stay in the village she chose to set her short film that still did not give name.

The animated film will tell the story of a tourist who arrives in the fishing village [Ribeira da Barca] and falls in love with a fisherman on a mountain and stays there longer than initially scheduled.

In other words, from there the character will encounter a “new reality and responsibilities”, and, at the same time, will know the history, culture and customs of Cabo Verde, especially those of that fishing village.

Speaking to Inforpress, the director made a positive assessment of her stay, having advanced that she will now continue the project [second stage] in France, after having collected the sounds and photographed the village [scenario] and still worked the script and the “storyboard” (visual guide) in partnership with the artist Tcheka, born in Ribeira da Barca, who will also compose the soundtrack of this short film.