Sal: Citizens’ group promotes demonstration to protest against wave of crimes that is sweeping the island

Espargos, Apr 24  (Inforpress) – A group of citizens on the Sal Island held this Thursday a demonstration called “Manifestação Sal – 1720” as a way of protesting the wave of crime that has devastated the tourist island in recent days.

According to Neusa Gonçalves, one of the promoters of the initiative, the “growing” wave of crime, assault, robbery and other violence has generated a climate of “insecurity” and a sense of “impunity” within the population, so that demonstration aim at draw the authorities attention, the Government, in order to improve security on the island.

Neusa Gonçalves explains that the name “Manifestação Sal- 1720” is to remind the settlement’s beginning of Sal by people of São Nicolau and Boa Vista, “Sal in the past, where everything was quiet and safe”, she remarked.

“The expectation is great regarding the adhesion of the people, since a problem that worries the Sal population. We hope, with this demonstration, to raise the attention of the Government to improve security on the island, whose situation has caused negative impacts on the tourism sector, putting the island in question as a tourist destination,” she noted.