Roaring of the sea in Cidade Velha bay made part of the protection wall collapse causing flood.

Praia, Sep 11 (Inforpress) – On Monday, the sea washed and destroyed the breakwater that separated the beach from the villas on the seafront in Cidade Velha, in the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santiago, causing damage to restaurants and bars located nearby.

The waves, according to the testimony of people who lives in that location, began at about six in the morning to beat with great force, ending up destroying the walls of protection and flooding the more habitable zone.

According to Esmeralda, a local resident who spoke in declarations to Inforpress, already on Sunday night to Monday the high waves began, but only yesterday morning after increasing of fury managed to break down the protection wall entering near the villas, bars and restaurants in this area.

“The force of the sea caused damage to the floor and some restaurants and bars, while we residents had to take everything we had at the house sill, because if we did not go everything to the sea. We are already accustomed to the rise of the sea on this slope, but never like this morning”, she said.