Red Cross foresee for this year to complete a project for national vocational school of first aid

Praia, Aug 21 (Inforpress) – The president of the Red Cross of Cabo Verde (CVCV), Arlindo Soares de Carvalho, foresees for this year the completion of the project that establishes the installation of the first professional school of first aid in the country.

In statements to Inforpress, Arlindo de Carvalho stated that the creation of a vocational school of national assistance would not only solve the issue of products certification but also the training of trainees.

“The vocational school of first aid aims to solve a fundamental question that, on the one hand, focus in normalize and regulate the sector, and, on the other hand, to create an own infrastructure for this purpose, where you can train lifeguards, but also solve problems in its essence because we have people who work in catering, in the merchant marine, pilots, who by law must have this training and will often acquire it out of the country because we do not have it yet”, he said.

According to the official, all the internal conditions for the completion of the project have already been created, and it’s missing only the City Hall of Praia response to the concession of the space requested in the Paiol neighborhood.