“Rabiskus di Carbon” closes a Cycle of exhibitions “New Talents” at the Ildo Lobo Palace of Culture

Praia, Sep 25 (Inforpress) – The “Rabiskus di Carbon” exhibition, by the young Isaías Garcia, concludes the first edition of the Cycle of Exhibitions “New Talents”, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, through the Directorate-General for Arts and Creative Industries.

The “Rabiskus di Carbon” exhibition will be shown in the Unconditional Gallery (1st floor) until September 30th.

Remember that Cycle of Exhibitions “New Talents” started in February this year.

Since then, according to an official note, the Ildo Lobo Palace of Culture has hosted 12 artist exhibitions, opening the “House of Culture” for young talents seeking a space where they can present their works.

For eight months, the space “New Talents” received Tai Vieira “Complementary”; Carlos Lopes “Hidden Art”, the duo Adilo and Dora “dili”; Nuno Prazeres “Contemporary Interculturality”; Dilcia Cardoso “Nha Inspirason”; Ayrton Cruz “100 Tabu”; Hélder Cardoso “Primeru Passu”, Maria Costa “Fidjus di Téra”; Edson Garcia “Rabisku di Sentimentu”; Maria Borges “Paxenxa”; the duo Nenass Almeida & Yuran Enrique “Extracts” and Isaías Garcia “Rabiskus di Carbon”.