Project to improve access to the RTPE will improve the conditions of those who serve Cabo Verdeans – ruler

Praia, Aug 10 (Inforpress) – The project to improve access to the Technological and Private Network of the State (RTPE) will facilitate and improve the conditions of those who serve the Cabo Verdeans, said today the Assistant Secretary of State for Innovation and Professional Training, Pedro Lopes.

Pedro Lopes made these statements to the press, close to the launching of the RTPE project in the City of Praia, adding that it benefits about 300 institutions from different areas of local and central governance.

“This initiative aims to improve access to the RTPE and the institutions integrated in the network better access to the 80 applications of the projects involved and better access to the Internet and it is important that the technology is at the service of the Cabo Verdeans, who serves the Central Government and local”, he said.

At the time, he considered it “fundamental” to invest in a private network of the modern state capable of responding to the needs of the new digital world, where, according to him, the size of the country surpasses the physical dimension of the islands.