PR welcomes Pope’s decision to consider death sentence inadmissible

Praia, Aug 10 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, sent a message to Pope Francisco to congratulate the Pontiff’s decision to change the catechism of the Catholic Church and consider the death penalty a criminal sanction inadmissible.

In the letter to Inforpress, Jorge Carlos Fonseca emphasized that as President of the Republic and, long before, as a researcher and university professor in Portugal, Macao and Cabo Verde, being a cultor of the criminal sciences, one always has in writings and in various forums for the complete abolition of punishment that “is not in line with a criminal policy that is humanist.”

In the same document, the head of state recalled that even at the time when Cabo Verde was not independent, at the time of Portuguese Empire, in 1890, completely abolished the application of this penalty as “inhuman as ineffective and absurd”.

“I am sure that your decision will have similar effects, because the secularity of the majority of states can not forget the importance of the various religious denominations and their role in shaping individual consciences that, afterwards, influence political decision makers, be they believers or not”, reads the message.