Portugal and Luxembourg will support Cabo Verde in the areas of defense, maritime security and military training

Praia, Aug 7 (Inforpress) – Portugal and Luxembourg will support Cabo Verde in the area of ​​defense, maritime security, supply of military equipment and training of the Cabo Verdean military personnel at the Portuguese Military Academy.

This is the result of the trilateral defense cooperation agreement signed Monday in Praia by the Minister of Defense of Cabo Verde Luís Filipe Tavares and his counterparts from Portugal, José Azevedo, and from Luxembourg, Étienne Schneider.

According to Luís Filipe Tavares, this agreement will allow the identification of defense projects based on the strategic plan for the development of the Cabo Verde Coast Guard, for the 2017/2027 horizon, developed in December 2016, and the security and stability of the archipelago.

“We want to identify the main factors of instability in the area of ​​defense, maritime security and training that are the main needs of Cabo Verde and establish those that are a priority for the Armed Forces of our country”, he explained.

As part of this tripartite partnership, Cabo Verde will begin to receive important equipment and military, technical and financial support from these partners to increase the country’s security level, but also from the subregion which is also a collective concern of the Union European Union.