Porto Novo: Water supply for agriculture resumed in Ribeira dos Bodes for the joy of farmers


Porto Novo, May 16 (Inforpress) – The water supply for agriculture at Cha de Casa in Ribeira dos Bodes, in the countryside of Porto Novo, has already been restored, and this leaves the tfarmers “satisfied” since April, because they faced water shortages.

Jailson Monteiro, the farmers’ representative, explained that despite the entire production lost, the farmers breathe a sigh of relief with the resolution of the water problem in Cha de Casa.

He also praised the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) decided to compensate farmers for a period of three months with free water supply, a measure that in their view, will give some encouragement to the 18 families, which depend on the borehole.

Jailson Monteiro reported that there are farmers who have had large losses and according to him deserve another attention on the part of the MAA.

This person in charge suggests, for example, the creation of a fund to support these farmers in the purchase of seeds.