Porto Novo: Ripened cheese considered “a case of success” in the national market, looking for the European Market

Porto Novo, Sep 4 (Inforpress) – Ripened cheese from the East Plateau, in Porto Novo, is already considered a “success story” in the national Market, now in September will participate in the world fair of taste, in Italy, an opportunity to reach the European market.

Ripened cheese, which has just begun to be produced, will accompany the fresh cheese, also from the East Plateau in Porto Novo, produced by hand, in the 2018 edition of the world fair of taste, which takes place annually in Italy in a organization of the Slow Food Foundation.

According to producer António Lima, the ripened cheese from the East Plateau is successfully reaching the national market, and now, with the presence at the world fair of taste, iinternationalize the product, whose quality is already well recognized.

It is a product of high quality and durability (ripened cheese can last a year if it is well preserved) that “has everything to reach market” across the border, according to António Lima, hoping that the presence of this cheese in the Italian event contribute to this.