Porto Novo / Ribeira dos Bodes: Farmers without water for irrigation for more than a month already with high losses – representative

Porto Novo, Jul 19 (Inforpress) – Farmers in Chã de Casa, in Ribeira dos Bodes, in the countryside of the municipality of Porto Novo, have been facing a water shortage for irrigation for more than a month, caused by a malfunction in borehole in that locality.

According to the farmers’ representative, Jailson Monteiro, the situation is beginning to be “very complicated” for the 18 peasants, who are losing all their crops, thus appealing to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) to fix the malfunction of a cable, which prevents the bore from functioning.

“Farmers are afflicted, since the losses are already high. We therefore appeal to the MAA delegation in Porto Novo to shorten the resolution of the problem”, said Jailson Monteiro.

Since mid-June, the Chã de Casa borehole, in Ribeira dos Bodes, equipped with a photovoltaic system, does not produce water for agriculture, due to a problem in a cable of the electrical system, installed in that borehole in 2015.